Aiko Morioka Figurative Sculptor



A path

A circle

A pearl

I have always been struck by the play of energy between extremes, whether in nature or people and their actions. Within this organized chaos I seek to find the place of beauty; The silence in between; The middle of the magnet, where the polarities are in perfect balance. I sculpt and paint what speaks to our greatest potential while in that extraordinary, rarified space. My work can be small to monumental in size. I cast in bronze, resins and work with other mixed media.

I use multicultural symbolism as inspiration. I marry the symbols with the elements of quantum physics, which I align with the concepts found in ancient wisdom. I feel they all resonate truths of which we may not consciously be aware, but at some level a subconscious connection occurs. Folding these truths into my work is my way of offering a point of contemplation, which brings the focus back to balance.

A Thought

A Frequency

A Truth




Aiko Morioka is a figurative sculptor in Marin County, California of the San Francisco Bay Area.  Expressed as bas-relief and in the round, Aiko Morioka's creations are clay sculptures, marble sculptures, plaster sculptures, bronze sculptures, and ceramic sculptures in styles ranging from classical to abstract.