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AIKO MORIOKA, is a figurative sculptor in Marin County, California.
Her styles range from classical to abstract.
Her modes of expression are bas-relief and in the round.
Her mediums are clay, marble, plaster, bronze and ceramic.
Frequently heard from viewers and collectors alike…
“Her work touches my heart.”

Inspired by the subtle nuances of the human form, Aiko has used her studies of classical sculpture to inform her fluid expressions. Though her more abstracted and stylized work may have no visible link to the classical, the form is still there.

Being of Asian heritage, and also being the insightful person she is,
Aiko has an intrinsic nature about her that allows an internal spiritual quality to emerge in her work. When her sculptures are carefully listened to, as if the eyes have ears…we can resonate with her sensitivity to grace and balance.”


The Human Form...

My Inspiration,

The Voice...

Thru Which I Speak,

The Force...

That Guides my Hands.



Aiko Morioka is a figurative sculptor in Marin County, California of the San Francisco Bay Area. Expressed as bas-relief and in the round, Aiko Morioka's creations are figurative sculptures, clay sculptures, marble sculptures, plaster sculptures, bronze sculptures, and ceramic sculptures in styles ranging from classical to abstract.